Safe Use Of Ladders & Steps – Wellingborough


Course objectives/outcomes:

  • H&S Laws & Regulations – understanding your legal duty under the Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Responsibilities of employers and employees
  • Determining if a ladder/step ladder is the right equipment to use using the 3 point ‘hierarchy of control’ risk assessment guide
  • How to choose the right equipment for a task
  • Carrying out pre-use inspections with ladder tag systems, how often these must be done and who is responsible for them
  • How to use equipment safely to minimise risk – sensible safety precautions
  • Storage, maintenance and keeping kit safe and legal
  • Importance of issuing and using correct PPE
  • How to select the correct classified equipment for a task and inspection procedures
  • Practical sessions throughout
  • Test paper/questions/ handouts and review

This course covers using a ladders and steps while working at height, we recommend delegates are trained in working at height which is a separate course and covers all aspects of working at height.


Course Summary

  • Half day course
  • Wellingborough


Additional information


04/06/2024, 23/07/2024, 19/08/2024, 16/09/2024, 15/10/2024, 18/11/2024, 16/12/2024, 10/05/2024

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