Fire Extinguisher Training

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The Fire Warden and extinguisher training course is designed to provide all personnel with an un-derstanding of the safe use of portable fire fighting equipment, the maintenance of evacuation methods, escape routes and the role of fire marshal during an emergency

The fire warden and extinguisher training course consists of both theory and practical sessions which include:

Course Syllabus

  • Learning the role of a fire marshal
  • Understanding the importance of fire doors
  • Recognising the common causes of fire
  • Understanding the triangle of fire
  • Understanding how to operate an audit check process on fire fighting equipment
  • Gain an understanding of how to implement evacuation procedures and recognise human behaviour
  • Stating the purpose of fire safety drills
  • Identifying the different classes of fire and the types of extinguishing using video aids
  • Understanding the maintenance requirements for fire extinguishers
  • Safely operating different types of portable fire fighting equipment effectively
  • The practical objectives of the fire warden and extinguisher course are:
  • Demonstrating the safe use of a foam extinguisher and nominate four students to apply knowledge
  • Demonstrating the safe use of a fire blanket and nominating four students to apply knowledge
  • Demonstrating the safe use of a water fire extinguisher and nominating four students to ap-ply knowledge
  • Demonstrating the safe use of a dry powder extinguisher and nominating four students to apply knowledge

At the end of the fire warden safety training course, you will take a short theory test which consists of multiple choice questions. Upon successful completion you will be entitled to Certificate of Completion

All employees, managers and especially new members of staff will benefit from fire warden and extinguisher training. It is also recommended for those who are responsible for implementing the fire evacuation procedures, persons who have been appointed as fire wardens or have responsibility for improving fire procedures.

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