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Training First Safety (TFS): Setting New Standards in Health and Safety Training

In sectors where training quality directly impacts safety outcomes, the difference between risk and safety often hinges on the level of education delivered. Training First Safety (TFS) is at the forefront of improving health and safety training across the UK, propelled by a commitment to superior training delivery. By combining rigorous trainer selection with an innovative broker model, we’re redefining educational benchmarks for both trainees and suppliers.

Stringent Trainer Selection Process

The excellence of our trainers is crucial at TFS. We engage with professionals who have demonstrated outstanding proficiency in the health and safety sector. Our comprehensive vetting process ensures candidates not only possess broad technical knowledge but also the teaching prowess necessary to communicate complex concepts effectively. This ensures all TFS trainers meet our high standards of expertise and instructional skill.

The Broker Model Advantage

Our pioneering broker model is central to our quality assurance strategy. It ensures a perfect match between the specialisations of our trainers and the learning needs of our trainees, facilitating focused and meaningful training experiences. This approach allows us to efficiently allocate resources, ensuring that courses are conducted by experts who are not just leaders in their field but are also adept at meeting the specific educational goals of the participants.

Setting New Benchmarks for Health and Safety Training

At Training First Safety, we are dedicated to creating safer workplace environments through exceptional training programmes. For trainers looking to make a significant impact, and organisations seeking to advance their health and safety practices, TFS represents the best in collaborative opportunities.

Terms and Conditions

Our Expectations

As a subcontractor, any work carried out on our behalf is a representation of Training First Safety Ltd. Our values and customer service level must be demonstrated at all times.

In order for us to maintain positive relationships with our customers, timely communication is key. We expect a response to any enquiries directed to you within 1 working day. Any delays in communication will contribute to the outcome of the Annual Performance Review.

Candidate Feedback

All completed work must be returned to Training First Safety Ltd upon completion of all training courses.

No Shows

In the event of a delegate not showing for a training course, Training First Safety Ltd must be notified as soon as practically possible, but no later than close of business on the date of training.

Delegate Register

All trainers must provide a pass/fail register of all delegates (including no shows) with course completion documents prior to invoice being processed.

Cancellation Terms

Supplier Cancellation Payments

In the event of a customer wishing to cancel a training course, the following terms will apply:-

1. No fee will be paid if a minimum of 14 days’ notice is given

 2. 50% of training cost will be paid if 7-13 days’ notice is given

3. 100% of training cost will be paid if less than 7 days’ notice is given 

Payment Terms

30 days from month end of training completed.

UK Wide Health & Safety Training Service

We provide our Training Services to the whole of the UK including:

Aberdeen Bradford Derby Halifax Liverpool Oxford Slough Telford
Ayr Brighton Doncaster Hamilton Livingston Paisley Solihull Wakefield
Airdrie Bristol Dundee Hartlepool London Perth Southampton Warrington
Barnsley Cambridge Dunfermline Hastings Luton Peterborough Southend-on-Sea Watford
Basildon Cardiff East Kilbride Hemel Hempstead Maidstone Plymouth Southport Weston-super-Mare
Basingstoke Chelmsford Eastbourne High Wycombe Manchester Poole St Albans Wigan
Bath Cheltenham Edinburgh Huddersfield Middlesbrough Portsmouth St Helens Woking
Bedford Chester Exeter Inverness Milton Keynes Preston Stevenage Wolverhampton
Belfast Chesterfield Gateshead Ipswich Newcastle upon Tyne Raleigh Stirling Worcester
Birkenhead Coatbridge Gillingham Kilmarnock Newport Reading Stockport Worthing
Birmingham Colchester Glasgow Kingston upon Hull Northampton Rochdale Stoke-on-Trent York
Blackburn Coventry Glenrothes Kirkcaldy Norwich Rotherham Sunderland
Blackpool Crawley Gloucester Leeds Nottingham Sale Sutton Coldfield
Bolton Cumbernauld Greenock Leicester Nuneaton Salford Swansea
Bournemouth Darlington Grimsby Lincoln Oldham Sheffield Swindon