Introducing Robert Wilson…

Tell us a little bit about yourself..

My name is Robert Wilson and I was born in Glasgow but moved to Kilmarnock at the age of 3 and have recently turned 20 years old. I have a few hobbies; I enjoy playing and watching football – my favourite team is Manchester City! Another hobby of mine is the gym as it helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle. I also really like go-karting because I find the competition addictive and thrilling. When am at home I do love to chill out and game on the PlayStation to pass the time with friends.

What do you do at Training First Safety?

At Training First Safety I help customers get the course they need for their business and help to ensure they get the best Health and Safety training we can offer. A big part of my work day includes taking care of existing clients and making sure everything they need health and safety wise is all up to date. As well as finding new clients building trust and delivering an outstanding service that I can accommodate to an- yone. I always strive to make sure that my client and their team are qualified and competent in the work- place.

What do you enjoy about working at Training First Safety?

Working at Training First Safety I enjoy creating a great relationship with new and existing clients as this brings me vast amount of happiness. Also the team are immensely wonderful to work with as is the environment it’s really an incredibly rewarding place to work. I feel like everyone cares and is passionate at Training First Safety and really wants the best for everyone IT’S AMAZING!!

What has been your biggest achievement in your first few months at Training First Safety?

One of my biggest achievements while working at Training First Safety would be gaining more confidence calling and realising how important health and safety training really is. Doing all the e-learning courses has expanded my knowledge in a variety of subjects which is personally my favourite achievement. Also learning more about the industry is what I’m currently trying to achieve as the industry is always changing.