As climate change and the state of our environment, becomes a more prevalent topic of discussion throughout every industry we need to ask ourselves: is construction ready?

Initiatives such as the Future Home Standards are projecting for all greenhouse gas emissions to be net zero by 2050. As of 2018, the powering and heating of houses contribution to greenhouse gas emissions saw a reduction of 43% since 1990. As an industry, we have clearly been moving in the right direction, however studies conducted by Uponor, show that some within our industry don’t have much confidence in the deadline of 2050. Results showed that 5% of the 200 participants don’t believe that net zero new build homes could ever be possible.

Zisis Nikoloudis, of Uponor, identified a combination of “skills shortage, lack of awareness and education regarding the more sustainable products, solutions and ways of working” as the biggest roadblocks facing the industry . So how do we keep the conversation going?

Resources are plentiful , online webinars such as Overcoming the Initial Challenges of Starting a Net Zero Journey are helping us all educate ourselves and be a part important conversations.


The Future Home Standards sets expectations for:

Low Carbon Heating Systems

Energy Efficient Build Materials

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Housing Developments Long-Term Supply

Costs from the Clean Growth Grand Challenge


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