The National Examination Board of Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) is arguably one of the most well-respected awarding bodies for Health and Safety Qualifications in any industry worldwide. Since it was founded in 1979 over 400,000 delegates have been successful in achieving a NEBOSH qualification.

Courses are grouped into 4 categories – Awards, Certificates, Diplomas and Masters. The most popular of these however, are Certificates and Diplomas as they are an excellent route to begin or enhance a career within Health and Safety.

NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

This course is particularly useful for Supervisors, Managers and anyone within a Health & Safety role. It focuses on 4 key areas;

  1. How to effectively manage Health & Safety
  2. How to identify and control common workplace hazards
  3. How to measure if you’ve been successful
  4. The UK’s key legal requirements

And once complete, successful delegates will be able to:

  1. Confidently carry out risk assessments.
  2. Develop and implement a detailed action plan.
  3. Manage and minimise workplace risks.
  4. Support and develop your workplaces Health & Safety culture.

This course is split into 2 modules (NGC1 & NGC2) and both modules are assessed slightly differently:

  1. NGC1 – Open book exam.
  2. NGC2 – Practical Risk Assessment to assess your knowledge and understanding.

Again, once complete, successful delegates are entitled to join IOSH as an Associate member. It also meets the academic level for a Tech membership but this membership is also based on experience levels.

National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

The natural step from the General Certificate this qualification is quite a bit more intense and in-depth, and although it is not essential, it is highly recommended that any delegate undertaking the Diploma has previously completed the General Certificate.

Once successfully completed delegates will be able to:

  1. Understand how Health & Safety legislation is applied in a workplace and the possible enforcements actions that could be taken.
  2. Identify and effectively communicate relevant Health & Safety information.
  3. Advise on a range of common workplace Health & Safety issues, including how they can be assessed, controlled, and monitored.
  4. Develop a Health & Safety policy strategy.
  5. Contribute to a risk management strategy.
  6. Develop and audit Health & Safety Management Systems.
  7. Manage contractors and supply chains to ensure compliance with standards.

This course is split into 3 modules which are assessed in the following ways:

  1. ND1 – Assignment around work-based tasks.
  2. ND2 – Case study.
  3. ND3 – Case Study.

Again, once complete, successful delegates are entitled to join IOSH as Graduate member, which can also lead to a Chartered membership.



Methods of study

Both courses along with the majority of other NEBSOH qualifications can be delivered in a few different ways and ultimately the best option for you will really come down to your preferred learning style, your availability and budget. Training can be done; by e-learning, virtually or in a classroom.

If you would like anymore information on any NEBOSH qualification speak with one of our advisors today – 01563 657 778