A58 Excavator 360 below 10 tonne (Novice)- Aylesbury


Course Details 

  • Define roles and responsibilities of a 360 excavator below 10 tonnes operator
  • Understand fully excavator controls and terminology utilised by a competent operator
  • Maintain safe working conditions of an excavator operator
  • Explore and analyse important legislation, guidance, and regulations
  • Carry out pre-use checks and check equipment for function and serviceability
  • Display the ability to use the machine to safely traverse over rough and undulating ground, as well as sizable inclines and level surfaces
  • Operate and manoeuvre safely and efficiently within confined spaces
  • Excavate differing types of excavations in diverse ground conditions
  • Load and safely place various materials into vehicles/hoppers for transport
  • Plain, spread, level and grade various ground materials
  • Understand manufacturer requirements in order to attach and remove attachments, such as buckets
  • Safely lift, move and place basic slung loads
  • Demonstrate and safely carry out both shut down and securing procedures

Entry Requirements

CITB Health, Safety and Environment test completed and passed within the last two years before the course start date or CPCS test date.

A good level of written and spoken English is required to successfully complete this course.


Course Details:

  • 5 Day Course
  • Aylesbury
  • Novice experience

Additional information


15/07/2024, 19/08/2024, 16/09/2024, 14/10/2024, 18/11/2024, 16/12/2024

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