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When working in confined spaces (CS) workers can become trapped or overcome by fumes, vapours, poisonous or explosive gases.

Tragedies happen in a wide range of industries as CS are not just tanks, vessels or chambers. They do not have to be totally enclosed.

Employers must identify if your work activity, hazards and area of work is, or should be classed as a confined space. Anyone working in a confined space must be properly trained.

This course is about awareness of working in CS environments and is suitable for people who do not enter them – this is a theory course.

Course includes:

  • Health and Safety Laws & Regulations
  • The responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • Definition and different types of confined spaces
  • Hazards, risks and the necessary precautions that need to be undertaker
  • Emergency procedures
  • To work safely in confined spaces
  • The importance of issuing and using the correct PPE and breathing apparatus
  • Test paper / questions / handouts and review

This course does not include a practical element – the Medium Risk course does and is for people entering CS.

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Half day course



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