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During the workshop, a Fit2Fit accredited tester will give the attendees an understanding of how to conduct face fit training themselves and gain knowledge on the variations of masks available.

Delivered by a Fit2Fit accredited tester, the Face Fit Testing Workshop is designed to prepare delegates to be able to carry out Face Fit Tests competently.

Throughout the day, topics covered include:

  • Health & Safety Law
  • Types of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) and correct selection
  • Types of hazardous substances and their health impacts
  • Why Face Fit Testing matters
  • How to conduct a Face Fit Test

What is required to pass the Face Fit Train the Tester Workshop?

The delegate must show competence and understanding as they will need to be able to conduct Face Fit Tests themselves correctly.

The delegate will need to successfully demonstrate a Face Fit Test and complete a written assessment. Once they have completed the above, the tutor will deem the delegates prepared to con-duct Face Fit Tests.


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Course Details:

  • 1 Day Course
  • Glasgow

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