Forward Tipping Dumper (Novice)- Aylesbury


Pre-course Requirements

Delegates must have passed the appropriate HS&E test within the last two years prior to attending this course

Course Overview

The Forward Tipping Dumper course is delivered through a combination of classroom-based learning and practical training.

Course Structure

  • Operate the machine to the relevant standard (depending on level applied for)
  • Fit and operate ancillary equipment
  • Site the machine safely and efficiently
  • Know which minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures are necessary, and be able to carry them out
  • Prepare the machine for travelling on the public highway
  • Understand the capabilities, purposes and limitations of each machine
  • Apply all necessary safety precautions
  • Understand how diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate.
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Course Details:

  • 3 Day Course
  • Aylesbury
  • Novice level


Additional information


06/08/2024, 02/09/2024, 01/10/2024, 04/11/2024, 02/12/2024

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