N010 Telehandler Novice- Aylesbury



Whether you’re a novice or have some basic working knowledge, this N010 telehandler training course will provide you with all you need to know in order to operate a telehandler forklift truck safely.  Through a combination of theory and practical learning, anyone attending this course will leave with a solid understanding of:

  • Current legislation related to the industry
  • Common hazards associated with heavy plant machinery
  • Health and safety best practice
  • Your role and responsibilities as a telehandler forklift truck operator
  • The manufacturer’s handbook for the specific machine you’ll be operating
  • Understanding the machine: locating controls and components and explaining their functions
  • Mount and dismount safely
  • Carry out pre-operational checks
  • Be able to start the engine, move off, manoeuvre to the work area and stop safely
  • Configure the telescopic handler for travel
  • Understand the complexities of travelling over different terrain, including hills, inclines, rough surfaces, confined spaces and open areas
  • Safely manoeuvre when laden and unladen
  • Ensure the work area is safe
  • Configure the machine for lifting and load handling tasks
  • Carry out a range of lifting and load handling tasks safely
  • Safely fit and adjust a range of attachments, understand their purpose and safely remove them
  • External transport and machine transportation: Explain load and unload procedures
  • Carry out end of shift and shut down procedures


Course Details:

  • 5 Day Course
  • Aylesbury

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22/07/2024, 12/08/2024, 09/09/2024, 07/10/202, 11/11/2024, 09/12/2024

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