Safety Harness & Lanyard · Man-Safe Training – Bristol


This practical course aims to ensure that all buyers and users of Man-Safe as well as safety harness & lanyards understand which kit, they should be using to offer full protection, and how to properly inspect kit.

Course objectives/outcomes:


  • Health & Safety Laws & Regulations – understanding your legal duty including
  • Work at Height Regulations 2005
  • Responsibilities of the employer and employee
  • Different types of harnesses and lanyards and their practical applications
  • How to put on, fit, wear, work in and store the different types of harnesses
  • Importance of regular safety harness and lanyard inspections – who is responsible and how often they must be done with examples
  • Importance of issuing and using the correct Safety Harness and Lanyards and PPE and how to inspect it



  • How to collate a safe rescue plan to reduce the time an operative is suspended in a harness
  • Operative suspension trauma
  • Delegate practical session with adjustment and fitting of harnesses and lanyards
  • Man-Safe system – Inspection, testing, end user equipment
  • Different types of Man-Safe system systems including roof, wall and ladder systems
  • Practical demonstration of a Man-Safe system with trans fastener harness and lanyard
  • Test paper/questions/ handouts & review


This course covers using a Safety Harness and Lanyard with Man-Safe system while working at height, we recommend delegates are trained in working at height which is separate course and covers all aspects of working at height.

This practical course is not only essential for users of mansafe, fall arrest and/or restraint equipment, but is also aimed at their supervisors and managers, business owners and buyers of PPE equipment.


Course Summary

  • Half day course
  • 13.15pm – 16.00pm


St Annes, Bristol

Additional information


05/06/2024, 10/07/2024, 07/08/2024, 11/09/2024, 09/10/2024

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