Vehicle Marshal, Experienced- Aylesbury


Course Aims
To learn how to prepare for vehicle movement and guidance, communication, plant hazards and
ground condition, work area layout and positioning as part of a work management traffic plan.
Course Content

• Explain the duties role and responsibilities and any limitations, including the procedures when ca
pabilities are exceeded, of those marshalling or guiding the movement of plant and vehicles in a variety of situations.
• Outline the hierarchy of control measures for plant and vehicle movement, and the requirements of a work management traffic plan.
• Outline the legislative requirements and procedures relating to plant and vehicles accessing or
egressing for the public highway, and the effects on other road users.
• Explain types, attributes, limitations, hazards, and stability factors on a range of typical plant and
work-related vehicles relevant to the occupational area or sector.
• Explain the requirements of and types, functionality, advantages and limitations of a range of driv
er visibility aids for a range of occupationally relevant plant and vehicles.
• Explain how ground conditions and features, proximity hazards and weight limits can affect the
operations of plant and vehicles for different access points and work areas.
• Explain the important and locations of positions of safety for a marshaller and other personnel.
• Describe and use different types of communication methods for receiving and communication ve
hicle and plant movements.

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Course Details:

  • 1 Day Course
  • Aylesbury
  • Experienced


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12/07/2024, 20/08/2024, 27/09/2024, 25/10/2024, 29/11/2024, 06/12/2024

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