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The Dilemma of Misleading Claims: A Closer Look at Industry Practices

The Dilemma of Misleading Claims: A Closer Look at Industry Practices Within the health and safety training sector in the UK, the issue of misleading claims has become a significant concern for both individuals seeking training and businesses striving for compliance. Unfortunately, instances abound where trainers and providers fail to uphold [...]

Stress Awareness Month 2024 #Littlebylitte

Stress Awareness Month #Littlebylittle April marks Stress Awareness Month, an annual event that shines a spotlight on the pervasive issue of stress and its impact on our lives. The theme for Stress Awareness Month 2024 centres around the power of taking small, positive actions towards enhancing our mental health and wellbeing. [...]

Is Health and Safety Training a Legal Requirement for Companies in the UK?

Health and safety in the workplace is not just an ethical responsibility, but also a legal one. In the UK, companies are legally mandated to provide adequate health and safety training to their employees. This requirement is crucial as it helps maintain a safe working environment, minimizes workplace accidents, and protects [...]

The Importance of PPE for women

Many people think of PPE as being mainly hard hats, gloves and boots. However PPE encompasses a wide range of equipment and clothing. For women working within environments where they need to wear PPE to protect themselves, there has been long term debates over the suitability of some forms of [...]

New NEBOSH & IIRSM Certificate

The NEBOSH IIRSM Certificate in Managing Risk can help you be better equipped to identify, evaluate, communicate, and act on risk. This qualification is initially available via eLearning only, which means you can complete your studies at a time, place, and pace convenient to you. A classroom option will be available [...]

Creating a Positive Safety Culture

The Health & Safety Culture within your organisation can and will have an enormous impact on the safety outcomes & accident rates in your workplace. High levels of accident rates within your organisation can have a detrimental effect on the productivity, efficiency and profitability of the business and that’s why it [...]


It’s a new season and we’re set up and ready to help you take a ‘Step Ahead’ with all your training requirements. As our name highlights, we put training first; always, and each year we review the emerging areas of growth and what that looks like in terms of training. In [...]

A Chat with Jenny McIntyre

Who are you? I’m Jenny McIntyre and I’m the Managing Director of Training First Safety Why did you start TFS? Training First Safety first started trading back in January 2020. I created, developed and launched the business with a vision of two things: First of all to create an unbeatable [...]

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