The Benefits of Onsite Training

More and more people are arranging training for their employees on their own sites and in their own offices. This method for training has so many benefits associated with it we thought we’d share it with the world!


The biggy for most!

Sending your delegates to “open courses” of course has its benefits, of course it does. It means you can send one at a time when it suits, you aren’t then losing a full team for any prolonged period, the machines & equipment are all there for you to use etc etc. However, with onsite training you pay a day rate for the instructor (generally), meaning, if you have a full group of delegates to attend a course you are going to start making some big savings. We are talking hundreds here.


Taking the instructor for the day means we can arrange a date that suits you, rather than scheduling work around what dates are available for open courses. You want your training done on a Friday afternoon; we will sort you out with a Friday afternoon. You don’t want to lose your guys mid-week; we will sort you out with Saturday training. It’s all about making it work for you!


Ok, so, there’s the generic “off the shelf” Manual Handling course. Yeh it’s great, it gets the point across, we learn about the relevant legislation, but. Your employees don’t lift cardboard boxes for a living. They move steel beams, planks of wood, lift objects up ladders and so on. So, let’s make the course relevant to that! It’s not just Manual Handling we can do it with either, most courses can be adapted.

Mix and match

You need 12 delegates trained in Work at Height, that’s a half day course right? But also, later down the line you know you’re going to need the same guys to do Abrasive Wheels. Well let’s just get it all sorted in the one go then? Again, there’s a bigger discount for taking an instructor for a full day than a half. Your instructor your choice of courses.

Team building

Our courses are interactive, they involve the delegates. You learn better when you take part and involve yourself. There will at times, be group activities. Having your training onsite, with your employees, carrying out group activities encourages team building, it gives them a chance to work together on stuff that isn’t the normal working tasks. It encourages a team to work together, it makes them stronger.

99.9% of our courses can be delivered on your site. We know it’s not for everyone, but it will be for some!

For further guidance on effective Health and Safety training check out a publication by the HSE here, or speak to one of our advisors today